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The Republic of 5years

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The Republic of 5years

Post by Naiss on Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:28 pm


Nation Name: 5years
Government Type: Christian Republic
National Leader: president Credit Why John
Capital City: New Empire City
National Currency: Power
National Animal: Dog
Brief history of your nation: 5years was created on June 4,1180. With Unified kingdoms of the area all 20 of them because of a 5 year war. The 5years Empire grew quickly. And expanded even quicker. By 1600 the 5years Empire was a world power. However things began to become messy in 1866 when the communist party came to power. In 1870 the island of Westberg declared independence. Which caused the 5years Civil War(1870-1878) The island of Westberg lost the war. Dictator Lee Herson ordered the execution 100 million people. Which will be known as the 5years massacre(1879-1890). Because of all of this the economy collapsed. All of this caused the fall of 5years as a superpower. However in 1900 Dictator Lee Herson declared war on the Capitalist Union. 5years was not economically or physically readily for the war. The war lasted 9 years. On June 2,1910 the Christian revolution would began. With in 2 months the Christian Republic of 5years was born. The new national Constitution was based off the Holy Bible. The Constitution allowed basic freedoms. With the new government in power 5years would modernize. And rebuild itself to become bigger and better than ever before. Immigrants were attracted to 5years. Millions came to 5years to get a better life. Today 5years is the most developed and most powerful nation on Earth. The government has 3 branchs: the executive,judicial, ,and legislative. The president is elected Every 10 years. Prime Minister is elected every 10 years. They have 2 terms.

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