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Mephistophelia Diplomatic Mission to Dijen

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Mephistophelia Diplomatic Mission to Dijen

Post by Mephistophelia on Thu Mar 03, 2016 9:14 am

While Ambassador Kang Enlai is touring Europe to expand Mephistophelian diplomatic relations, since Dijen is closer to home, Prime Minister Төмөрбаатар Батхаан (Tomorbaatar Baikhan) surrounded by his entourage of policymakers, bureaucrats, and both his Mongol household Kheshig Guard and the Hwarang Royal Guards arrive at Sydney aboard a private-chartered Koryo Airlines luxury plane. Upon landing and boarding the Presidential motorcade to the Opera House. The Mephistophelian Prime Minister along with Dijen officials begin conversing at the reception.

"We, in Mephistophelia believe that its time to let go of the isolationist, neutral ideology that pervades our nation. It is time to sit down and talk with our neighbors, its time to build a glorious region, a glorious world. Dijen and Mephistophelia have long stood along with Zexiunum and Nova Hansa as the superpowers. Why can't we all build a most benevolent alliance, the alliance that is the Hegemon Confederacy? We want nothing more than peace and stability in the world, and of course, the prosperity of continued economic dominance. Shall we start building embassies? Let us establish one on Tasmania and Dijen can establish one in Hainan. And as our relationship grows, so too will the thought of an alliance be more appeasing. But for now, in the present, one step at a time, we shall talk."

And with a chorus of applause, the Prime Minister walks among the crowd to shake hands, exchange business cards, and bow to his audience.

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