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The Constitutional Monarchy of Neo Polisophos

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The Constitutional Monarchy of Neo Polisophos

Post by Naiss on Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:20 pm

Neo Polisophos

Nation Name: Neo Polisophos
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
National Leader(s) Name(s): Pedro H. Centenaro, PHC
Capital City: Neosophia
National Currency: Neoton
National Animal: Ant
Brief history of your nation: Born in a scenario of ethnical, social and political conflicts, Neo Polisophos was the revolution that marked the end of terrible selfish governments which didn't care about their people. The creator of Neopolitics, PHC, and his friend, GFR, invested heavily in campaigns to change things around, and the tired population of slaves in many small countries started to awaken, and soon their dictatorships fell. Neo Polisophos was finally brought to life, and with it, Neopolitics established its base in society. With new, large investments on an excellent education, Neo Polisophos seeks "perfection" at all costs.
Brief explanation of your nation's laws: Neo Polisophos follows the laws established by the Romans and Greeks. Euthanasia is legal in case a person with no expectance to survive some kind of disease wants it, Death Penalties are applied in extreme cases of corruption or human violation. That's all, there's not much to add.

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