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Greiffjord News Network

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Greiffjord News Network

Post by Greiffjord on Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:00 am

Greiffjord News Network is an official press office of The Protectorate of Greiffjord, that will provide international community with facts and recent news in Greiffjord. The GNN is proudly brought the truth about Greiffjord so that international community shall know Greiffjord better.

Today's News:


Minister of Finance, Elsa Meyer, has recently criticized about growing number of Greiffjord Armed Forces. Speaking from her office in 20th Kristianstraase, Königstadt, Elsa claimed that the growing number of military is curently burden the nation's economic, despite the fact that currently Greiffjord Economic Index is on the rise.

"A rise in the economic doesn't necessary means that we have to expand our military as well," said Ms. Meyer, "With Greiffjord's currently has no clear and present threat, a large number of military will soon burden our economic growth,"

Meanwhile, Minister of Defense, Max Thorvald, dismiss Elsa Meyer's concern by saying that the growing number of military is a natural progress for Greiffjord.

"Stronger economy means we could now support a stronger military, and perhaps Ms. Meyer has forgot that Greiffjord is surrounded by large neighbors, and we therefore must have strength needed to maintain our freedom," said Mr. Thorvald, "as far as I concerned, most Greiffjord military growth will be focusing on a national arms manufacturing country, and this is of course will benefit the economy by providing jobs for a larger population," - Benjamin Karakyok


Police once again crushed student protesting for poverty rate in the nation. Students from five reputable Greiffjord Universities currently views government welfare program as "out of target" and "weak in application". Reported that at least 25 protesters suffer minor injuries due to police repressive during the rainy day protest yesterday.

"Again, this is a proof that government could care less about their people!" said Rudy Baxter, leader of students protest, "all we ever do was to sound the truth, and government doesn't seems to responds in a correct manner, prefer a neanderthal ways of beating and clubbing instead,"

Police, however, dismiss the accusation by saying that police act has been carried out in the correct procedures.

"People are free to express opinions in Greiffjord, but law obliged them notify the authorities if they want to carry out public protest so that police could provide necessary security for them," said police spokesperson Chief Harald Gunnarsson, "they didn't notify the police, blocking the streets, jams the traffic and vandalize cars along the way, and police has already given them warning to end the protest, and they reply by throwing stones and molotov bombs to our officers. Though we have deep sympathy for their cause, no one in Greiffjord should gone above the law," - Lisa Schoenenberg


Grand Mufti of Königstadt, Bilal al-Jufri, has recently clashed with Königstadt's Mayor, Ludwig Weiss, after the dispute surrounding Königstadt Moslem Community plan to build Grand Mosque in Königstadt. This is the second clash this month between City Hall and clerics, after two weeks earlier, Archbishop of Königstadt, Mons. Heinrich Aadenauer was forced to submit a 200 years old Grand Cathedral of Königstadt into museum to gain government provision.

"Islam is a fast growing religion in Greiffjord, and building a Grand Mosque is a logical next step," said Bilal al-Jufri, "I have discuss about this with Mons. Aadenauer to formulate the class action together and though secularist now in charge in the government, Constitution has clearly guarantee a freedom of religion, and it should be enforced,"

Mayor Weiss is currently refuse to make any comment in this matter, but has previously stated that City Hall refusal is not because of the religion, but simply because the land in which The Grand Mosque about to build is already planned by the City Hall to be used as Public School and Homeless Shelter. - Edgar Strauss


Greiffjording Battle Fleet consist of Aircraft Carrier GMS Auriga Gustavsson, battleship GMS Odin, 4 Skadi class destroyers, 2 Valkyrie class frigate, 2 LHD troop transports, 1 Oiler ship, and 4 icebreaker ships has land over the northern coast of Novoya Zemlya...

This fleet, as a core forces of Operation Zitadelle, was lead by Admiral Hans Frederiksen, in an effort to occupy Novoya Zemlya and use it as a forward base to march into Northern Russian territories. Operation Zitadelle, with its ambitious "trans-polar expedition", begun with 4 icebreakers pave out path across North Pole for the shortest distance to Novoya Zemlya. The path is difficult to navigate due to absence of longitude and latitude inside the Arctic Circle, nevertheless, this carefully planned, high-risk plan has been carried out successfully. A headquarter has been erected in Novoya Zemlya and the whole island will be expected to be fully submitted to Konigstadt by this weeks.

The resistance is minimal, and hopefully, we could march into Mainland Russia next month. - Edward Aassaanaq
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Re: Greiffjord News Network

Post by Skarten And Colonies on Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:16 pm

*Skartenian people Would Be Aware of it.
*The SKMRP would be Watching the war from Space, with satelites and all, Since Skarten Haves the territory near Russia

Skarten And Colonies
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Re: Greiffjord News Network

Post by Greiffjord on Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:14 pm

Greiffjord News Network Reporters:

Politics and Social Desk:

- Lisa Schoenenberg
- Edgar Strauss
- Edward Aassaanaq
- Maud Ijssel
- Kristin Zikowsky
- Tore Egil Haaland
- Tanya Isinbayeva

Economic Desk:

- Benjamin Karakyok
- Helga Schmidt
- Thomas Qaumaniq

Cultural Desk:

- Konrad Hessler
- Nina Kahn-Streller

Sport Desk:

- Johann Eriksen
- Berndt Kramer
- Lucia Qaaynak-Albrecht
- Anika Muller

Lifestyle and Special Interest Desk:

- Ykatterina Zbigzaneva
- Maura Adler
- Esthel Ingleborg-Vagner
- Qutan Atiqtalik
- Svetlana Kurchatova

Travel Desk:

- Jasper Halmstadt
- Anna-Maria Linderman
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Re: Greiffjord News Network

Post by Sponsored content

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