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3rd May War - Byrd Land Vs. Agattan Alliance

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3rd May War - Byrd Land Vs. Agattan Alliance

Post by Agattu on Fri May 20, 2016 9:51 pm

On the 20th of May in 2016, Byrd Land attacked the nation of Almarc after a trade embargo had been imposed. After the initial attack was repelled, Almarc and his allies prepare to strike.

Here are the rules:

1). No Nukes

2). No unrealistic weapons or non-exisiting weapons systems i.e. space laser canon

3). Military movements must be specific and realistic. For example, 1). I can not respond to an attack in iceland with 5 million troops and then also attack Florida with 7 million troops while also blockading all of Asia. 2). I move 5,000 troops, 150 M1A1 Tanks, 250 Armored vehicles, 70 Artillery guns and 25 Helicopters into location A. that allows for the defender to send his troops against you.

4). Each nation can post one troop movement a day. This movement can be multiple forces around the country, but you cannot move troops at 8AM, noon and 7PM.

5). After you have made your movements, you can attack. You can post one attack movement a day. The battle is not over until the person being attacked has had a chance to respond/counter attack.

6). Battles are won based on specificity of troops being used, type of equipment and situation around the world. It is expected that each member of a battle agree to the outcome of the battle. If they cannot, a moderator must be asked to determine the outcome. It is expected that each player will look at the realistic chances and act accordingly. Example, 5Years lands 1 Infantry Division in Iceland (~20,000 men.) with tanks and armored vehicles. Agattu has 5,000 troops in defensive positions through the island. There is no way I can repel the battle at this moment, but I can send reinforcements and even if I don't, 5Years will loose a lot of people.

7). Prior to the start of the war we must list how many soldiers we have, how many ships and how many aircraft. This should be realistic based on your nations stats.

Cool. Warriors must keep track of their losses and their recruitments.

It takes 1 day to recurit 10,000 troops.

It takes 2 days to build defensive fortifications.

It takes 1 day to move troops to and from a region. i.e Agattu sends his pacific fleet from the Gulf of Alaska to the Sea of Japan and establishes a blockade. The blockade would not occur until the following day

Starting locations:

All of Byrd Lands military is in Japan per his post from this morning.

Almarcs military is on alert and has naval forces in the sea of Japan

Agattu has military units, missile defense system and defensive fortifications in Alaska based on previous conflict map. Agattu also has his entire Northern Pacific Fleet around Japan and has elements of his Eastern Pacific Fleet off of Hawaii.

All other players are in their own territory or on their way to the conflict zone. All nations must agree before the war can begin.
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