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The Dominion of Mephistophelia

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The Dominion of Mephistophelia

Post by Naiss on Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:52 am


Nation Name: Mephistophelia
Government Type: Dominion/Dictatorship
National Leader(s) Name(s): Supreme Leader Kim Daeseong
Capital City: Bukoreum-san
National Currency: Dan
National Animal: Dragon
Brief history of your nation: Mephistophelia emerged almost four years ago in the chaos of a warring states period in the former region of Regularious Twopointoh. The Supreme Leader Kim Daeseong ended the war by uniting various competing factions under his banner in a revolutionary overthrow of the radical elements in the region. Winning popular support in the first regional elections of now-Regularious Threepointoh, he rose to be the WA Delegate and Chairman. After the third term in office, Mephistophelia seceded from the dying region as new raider nations in its dominion reignited the civil war, many nations went into hiding or were exiled. Mephistophelia began a new campaign in restoring order but by doing so, changed face and the rule of the region reverted not to democracy but brutal dictatorship to prevent further escalation under the watchful eye of the Supreme Leader. Within a year, tensions have stabilized though tyranny was well established. In a mood of eccentric suspicion, Mephistophelia fearing a power struggle in the region, revoked many more of the founding nations. Economically, Mephistophelia stands as the sole powerhouse of the region, with billions of Remeneso's (currently, Dan's) spent on the Ministries of Defense, Military, and Justice. Political Freedom and Civil Rights were outlawed completely and the nation became an isolationist state. The nation was virtually lost to obscurity and the Supreme Leader had retired himself to his mountain fortress, The Eagle's Nest. Two years later, he would emerge strong as ever despite the public's speculation of his ill health. Moving back to the capital of Bukoreum-san, Kim Daeseong began preparation for regional reintegration of Mephistophelia to the Royal Alliance of Conservative Nations (Regularious Threepointoh was no longer present in the world). There, Mephistophelia began building influence and strength, once again an economic powerhouse to the region. Peaceful relations with many of its founding nations were made, though this was short-lived with the war that Lag had wrecked. Joining the Royal Alliance III to foment dissent and a war of propaganda against Lag, and later the United Alliance of Conservative Nations as a spymaster for the opposition while recruiting like-minded individuals. Finally finding the remnants of Nova Hansa and the true army of the RACN that opposed Lag, Mephistophelia settled to build a new life, a more democratic life among the nations of the Grand Conservative Alliance. For its loyalty and strong rhetoric against the threat of Lag, Mephistophelia found itself central to building diplomatic relations with 50 nations for the GCA with more to come leading the Foreign Affairs Ministry.
Brief explanation of your nation's laws: Nuclear arms development and space research remain priorities, education public healthcare has been subsidized under the state, welfare and social policies have been curtailed, privatization of state-run industries have begun, military interventions have been frequent in nearby countries, the black market has been allowed to run, there is a national curfew in place, torture is used commonly to all criminals, penal camps (gulags) have been established, arms manufacturing remains the biggest exports, anti-smoking, abortion to certain extents are allowed (such as rape), the agricultural industry is #1 in the region and many smaller productive farms have been subsidized, socially liberal, fiscally conservative.
Notes: Some experiences with Pathfinder and D&D, though different time-zones may complicate interactions with other states.

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