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The Republic of Almarc

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The Republic of Almarc

Post by AlmarcRep on Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:59 pm

Nation Name: Almarc
Government Type: Republic
National Leader(s) Name(s): President Douglas Ashbey
Capital City: New Haven
National Currency: Sterling (Sg)
National Animal: Lion
Brief History:

I. Exodus
The roots of the Republic of Almarc can be traced back to when Almarc Heinessen, a young republican exiled to the gulags of the Nagarno Empire, organised a massive escape with his fellow exiled republicans by sailing to an unclaimed island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Altogether, over four hundred thousand men and women managed to escape from the gulags, and under the leadership of Heinessen, they later embarked on a new journey which became known later as the "Long Exodus." The journey was perilous and took many years. Along the journey Heinessen lost his life in an accident, and the role of leadership was taken over by his best friend Nguyen Kim Hua. Finally in 527 UC, after over fifty years of travelling, the refugees discovered a habitable continent to settle in, which they named Almarc in memory of their departed leader. The refugees, which by that time only numbered around one hundred sixty thousand, landed and established the Almarc Republic. Government financial incentives spurred population growth and increased agricultural productivity. An era of prosperity began for the Republic of Almarc, which would last up to the time of first contact with the Nagarno Empire. Mindful of the threat of Imperial pursuit and attack, the Republic quickly established what would be later known as the Almarc Self Defense Forces (ASDFs). This nascent force would grow along with the Republic.

II. Contact
The Alliance was discovered by the Nagarno Empire in 640 UC, which sent a punitive expedition against the Republic led by Grand Duke Herbert. The Republican forces, led by Supreme Commander Lin Pao, managed to soundly defeat the larger Imperial expeditionary force in the Battle of Dagon, thus starting a period of war and conflict which would last for over 150 years. During the period of initial contact with the Empire, the Alliance population probably numbered no more than one hundred fifty million. News of its existence and the Imperial defeat spread quickly throughout the Empire and sparked a massive outflow of refugees, which allowed its population to grow exponentially such that by 798 UC, the Alliance population numbered around thirteen billion. The war however continued unabated and both the Republic and the Empire were locked in a strategic stalemate with the Empire remaining on the offensive and launching several major invasions that were each defeated or forced to turn back for other reasons.

Anthem: (

"Revolution of the Heart"

(Start - 0:25)
Liberty stands for freedom,
oh hail the flag that sets us free!
Standing righteous symbolic of strength,
our hopes for freedom to be.
My friends, reunite hand in hand.
Oh hail! Liberty bell!
True freedom for all men.

(Start - 1:15)
Fighting hard for the future,
the promise of a better day!
For tomorrow we drink from the cup,
the wine we fought for today!
My friends, let us sing a song--
sing along, ring a bell, liberty!
Oh hail! Liberty bell!
True freedom for all men.

(Start - 2:16)
"F" that stands for our freedom--
as well as the flag that stands so strong!
Sprite set free in our future land,
so let us share in this song.
My friends, not so far away
rules will reunite hand in hand!
Oh hail! Liberty bell!
True freedom for all men.
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